Control Room C

From live to studio


The Control Room C features a high-end monitoring system, balanced acoustics, a Digico digital mixer and a few analog peripherals.
Alex takes live recordings to the studio in this cosy workspace.

From live to studio

If you need a live recording (demo, live album, etc.), Alex is available as a FOH and/or live recording engineer and can then mix your performance in the studio.
If you want to go even further, print stems and enjoy the Control Room A tube consoles and extensive outboard collection to reinforce your sonic signature.

Feel free to get in touch should you get more information!

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2 PSI 25-M
1 PSI Sub 225-M & bass manager
2 PSI 14-2

1 Digico SD8/24 w/Digigrid
Waves w/2 servers One
deported PSU

1 Tube-Tech LCA-2B
1 API 2500
1 Antelope Isochrone-OCX

1 Musicman 5 strings stingRay
1 Ampeg SVT2 Pro
1 NordElectro Ex