Royal studios

Royal studios


Once in Switzerland, take the motorway and exit at “Lausanne-Sud”, using the large roundabout “Maladière”. Use the 3rd exit, direction “centre-ville”.
(There is a cemetery on your left and a small roundabout).
Une fois en Suisse, prenez l’autoroute, sortez à “Lausanne-Sud”, engagez-vous dans le grand giratoire de sortie (“Maladière”) et sortez à la 3e, direction “centre-ville”.

At the end of the slope, you should reach a small roundabout, go straight ahead and use the left lane when at the traffic lights. (You just left a protestant church on your left).

Pass the traffic lights and use the left lane again at the next ones. (You are above train tracks and you should see a Post Office ahead).

Turn left at these traffic lights, leave the “Migros” on your right, drive under a bridge and turn right (about 100m from the traffic lights).
You are now on the “Avenue de Sévelin”, drive until the last quarter of that street and spot a brick-red building on your left. The studio is located at the -2 of this building.
Park on the studio slot and come say hi!

If you see a skatepark on your left, drive back, you’ve gone too far.
Call if you’re lost 🙂

Royal studios
Pascal Deshayes & Chris Matthey
Av. de Sévelin 32A
1004 Lausanne

Fixe : +4121 661 31 31
Mobile : +4179 904 42 65

info [at] royalstudios [dot] net